19 - 22, April 2017. Connelly Theater.    By William Shakespeare Directed by Rory McGregor Produced by Hannah Goldstein and Jovan Hannah  PRODUCTION TEAM  Production Stage Manager, Scott Wray;  Choreographer, Christopher Sanders; Fight Choreographer, Lisa Kopitsky; Dramaturg, Jessica Owens; Set Designer, Margaux Maeght; Costume Designer, Jessica Posteraro; Lighting Designers, Cha See & Ted Boyce-Smith; Sound Designer, Rowan Spencer; Scenic Design Associate, Kelvin Pater; Text Support, Charlotte Quinney; Vocal Support, Claire Curtis-Ward; Company Manager, Yijin Liu; Assistant Stage Managers, Patricia Garvey & Ryan Keller  CAST  Liam Armstrong, Yaw Asante, Jordan S. Bellow*, Nazlah Black, Samantha Blinn, Matthew Brown, Ellen Bryan, Kathryn Connors, Claire Curtis-Ward, Connor Delves, Zoe Goslin, Lola Lopez Guardone, Psacoya Guinn, Gregory Hermann, Nicholas Hiatt, Carly Jurman, Ariana Karp, Emily Loewus, Mike Marcou, Alex Marz*, Ava McCoy, Tracy McMullan*, Ryan Murnane, Ryan Pater*, Christopher Sanders, Zack Segel, Genevieve Simon, Phumzile Sitole*, Brigitte Thieme-Burdette  *Appears courtesy of Actors' Equity Association  Photos by Carol Rosegg
  4-20 September 2016. Finborough Theatre.   By Alix Sobler  Presented by Georgina Ratnatunga in association with Neil McPherson for the Finborough Theatre.  Designed by Sebastian Noel  Lighting by Sam Waddington  Music by Tim Shaw  CAST  Josh Collins  Hannah Genesius  Michael Kiersey  Emma King  Mitzli Rose Neville  Photos by Graeme Braidwood
  15-17 April, 2016   by Lanford Wilson  PRODUCTION TEAM: Director: Rory McGregor Stage Manager: Shalyn Clark Lighting Designer: Cha See Set Designer: Margaux Maeght Sound Designer: Rory McGregor/Andrew Oakes Costume Designer: Megan Rutherford Fight Choreographer: Andrew Mayer Poster design by Chris Maudsley Producer: Hannah Goldstein  CAST: MARTIN: Broderick Ballantyne ERNESTO: Gabrielle Beans DOPEY: Jordan Bellow* ANN: Sam Blinn TIG: Ian Blom XAVIER: Marcus Castillo TERRY: Claire Curtis-Ward JUDY: Zoe Goslin STRANGER: Tyler Horn* KAY: Adi Jackson JOE: Nathaniel Janis RUST: Lori Laing FRANK: Mike Marcou FICK: Alex Marz RAKE: Emily Murphy DAVID: Andrew Oakes CARLO: Justise Ortiz BONNIE: Adrienne Paquin FRANNY: Eddie Powers DARLENE: Umi Shakti BABE: Genevieve Simon BOB: Max Sterling JOHN: Siouxsie Suarez TIM: Greg Warren  *Appears courtesy of Actors Equity Association  Photos by Kevin McNair   
  12-15 November, 2016. Schapiro Studio, Columbia Stages.   Inspired by Ward Number Six by Anton Chekhov Translated by Ronald Wilks Loosely Adapted by Rory McGregor  PRODUCTION TEAM: Writer and Director: Rory McGregor Producer: Lucia Xiaoran Zhu Stage Manager: Jessi Cotter Dramaturg: Soriya Chum Lighting Designer: Marc Atkinson Sound Designer: Kirk Laing Poster design by Chris Maudsley  CAST: RAGIN: Seth Reich* KHOBOTOV: Shana Goodman GROMOV: Jordan Bellow* MOSES: Patrick Curry* NIKITA: Simone Abbamonte MIKHAEL: Adam Kampouris  *Appears courtesy of Actors' Equity Association  Photos by Kelly Stuart
  2-24 August, 2013. Greenside Venues at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.    CAST: Alain Reille: George Rowell Annette Reille: Helena Clark Michel Vallon: Max Fitzroy-Stone Véronique Vallon: Lily Cooper  Directed by: Rory McGregor Produced by: Sam Thorpe-Spinks                                                       23-29th March, 2013. Selected and performed at the  National Student Drama Festival . 15th-17th February, 2013. The Drama Barn, at the University of York.    CAST: Alain Reille: Mungo Tatton-Brown Annette Reille: Helena Clark Michel Vallon: Max Fitzroy-Stone Véronique Vallon: Claire Curtis-Ward  Directed by: Rory McGregor Produced by: Louis Lunts                                                                   Assistant Producer (for NSDF): Andy Bewley