The Great Divide

The Times (London) ★★★★                                                                                    “Rory McGregor's rough-edged vital production unfailingly grips...This is richly informative theatre — with a passion that’s almost incendiary”                         Read the full review here.

Exeunt Magazine                                                                                           “Sobler, McGregor and the cast deliver so much more than statistics and timelines. They make up the identities of the deceased in order to humanise and bring to life the story of their deaths. The cleansing power of fire erases many of the facts, but Sobler ensures that the script leaves its mark upon all those who bear witness.”                                                                                                           Read the full review here.

Jewish Renaissance ★★★★ – Beautifully-imagined lives reclaimed from the flames                                                                                                             “Such is the power of Alix Sobler’s storytelling and the lyrical intensity of director Rory McGregor’s cast that there is little need for much more.”         “Sobler and her company succeed in giving back beautifully-imagined full lives and identities to these long-dead young women and men.”                                 Read the full review here.

London Pub Theatres  ★★★★                                                                                 “The cast was superb. Seamless performances, strong direction and thought-provoking writing made this a powerful production.”                                             Read the full review here.

UK Theatre Network                                                                                                “Skilfully and sensitively directed by Rory McGregor.”                                             Read the full review here.

The Upcoming ★★★★                                                                                     “Rory McGregor’s production made good use of Finborough Theatre’s stage...The Great Divide is a fantastic display of reviving those forgotten by history and allowing them to continue living.”                                                     Read the full review here.

Reviews Hub ★★★★                                                                                              Read the full review here.

Paul in London ★★★★                                                                                         Read the full review here.

British Theatre Guide                                                                                      Read the full review here.

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